Avid’s Wedding DJ Difference

Eric did exactly what we’d asked him to do and did it with professionalism. We are pleased with our decision to hire Eric for our wedding.- Norren and Thomas Morgan

Avid Entertainment disc jockeys ensure that the day you are dreaming of comes to life, down to the most intricate detail.

Anybody with an iPod can play music – Avid Entertainment is your Master of Ceremonies

◊   Our wedding DJs set themselves apart through pure wedding experience. The preparation begins weeks before your wedding, as we sit down and carefully plan out your entire day. From creating custom playlists for cocktail and dinner hours to reviewing name annunciation of your bridal party, we leave nothing to chance.

◊   We are not there to simply “press play” and run the equipment – quite the opposite. Our wedding DJs are constantly reading the mood of the room and the dance floor to ensure everyone at your wedding is having an amazing experience. At the same time we are working with all your other vendors as a seamless team.

◊    Serving as the point person, allows us to “quarterback” your wedding reception – watching the time-line, and following a well planned blue-print so that every aspect of your wedding has natural flow. We carry a detailed outline of the day with us at all times and share this with everyone we are working with.

We accept the responsibility of making sure everyone involved in making your day happen is on the same page

◊    When you go into your first dance, the photographer is in position to get the best shot, the banquette hall coordinator is preparing the meal to be served on time, the guests all know exactly what is happening and you and your fiancé are not thinking about anything except each other.

Nothing is set in stone

◊    You can change anything and everything about your day on the fly. We are completely flexible during your wedding reception and can adapt to any situation or request.

◊    Our wedding DJs stay in constant communication with the couple throughout their wedding day and speak with them directly before any major event (cake cutting, parent dances, etc.) to make sure the timing works for them. This type of open communication guarantees you are never caught off guard and that everyone you would like to be in the room for any given moment is present.

Trust and small details

◊   Avid Entertainment DJs do not deliver cookie-cutter performances. We want your day to be unique and to be suited for your personality. We make this possible by paying attention to every small detail of your day.

◊    During our Pre-Wedding Planning Session we dig into every aspect of the Wedding Reception Planning Guide and ask a lot of questions. This type of dialogue allows the couple to paint a picture of their wedding day for us. From there, our couples can trust that we will take on the responsibility of seeing to it that the plan we have created together comes to life on their wedding day.

◊    In addition to our Wedding Reception Guide  Avid Entertainment also provides each couple with our Wedding Music Suggestions and the Top 200 Most Requested Songs. These tools work together in assisting you to easily create the wedding of your dreams!